Improve your smile and boost your confidence through natural teeth whitening. When we asked people what they wanted to see when they smiled, the answer was unanimous! They wanted whiter healthy teeth.

KöR Whitening

Our office uses the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System to give patients beautiful, healthy and natural teeth whitening results. The KöR natural teeth whitening system is a comfortable, easy process with little to no sensitivity that is entirely safe for teeth and gums and provides permanent results. Perfect for ages 14-90, let Loza Dental and KöR Whitening give you a brighter, whiter smile today!

In-Office or Chair-side Whitening

A protective gel is put in place to protect your gums, and an American Dental Association (ADA) approved bleaching agent is applied to the teeth, which is then enhanced with a special light.

At-Home Whitening

Based on your needs, we will select from a variety of customized, natural teeth whitening procedures. Placed in a custom–fabricated mouth guard, the gel will whiten your teeth safely when used as little as one or two hours a day for as few as two weeks. We’ll choose the plan that suits your lifestyle and delivers fantastic results for you based on the shade of your teeth.


VIP Program

New Patients