Why Regular Dental Checkups Are Important

Most people understand that regular dental checkups are an important part of their overall oral health, but the reasons for this may not be completely clear. The two-part process, including dental cleaning and examination, is necessary to keep your teeth strong, your gums healthy, and your overall oral health protected. There are numerous benefits that stem from seeing your dentist regularly.

Diagnosis of Oral Health Issues

Regular dental checkups help to identify developing oral health issues such as decay, gingivitis, infections, and tooth loss. Signs of oral diseases can also be addressed through sealants, prescription toothpaste, or fluoride treatments. X-rays and professional exams by Dr. Loza can also identify early signs of oral cancer and prompt steps to combat its growth and spread.

Professional Cleaning

Any damage to the teeth resulting from a failure to remove tartar and plaque with regular brushing or flossing can be mitigated by the deep professional cleaning you get from a trip to Dr. Loza’s office. A good cleaning will brighten your smile, reduce bad breath, prevent developing cavities, and improve your overall health.

Boost Overall Health

Cleaning your teeth regularly reduces your risk for specific diseases like heart disease and diabetes. With consistent and frequent professional cleaning and examination by a licensed dentist, the risk of serious health conditions decreases, as some illnesses can be detected through the oral exam and others can be combatted through proper dental care.

Preventive Care

This cleaning process not only fixes issues but prevents them. A good cleaning can stop the onset and spread of gum disease and discourage the buildup of plaque that leads to tooth decay and cavities. This also reduces the chance of gum disease, which is a major cause of tooth loss. Regular cleanings at the dentist’s office will help you to avoid the more expensive and time-consuming dental procedures later in life, including tooth extraction, implants, or expensive bridge work.

Oral Health Education

Regular visits to the dentist provide an important forum for learning about oral health. Dental professionals must undergo years of training to receive their credentials, so their advice and guidance are important to ensure you are well-informed regarding the state of your teeth and the best products to take care of them.

Cosmetic Procedures Consultation

Cosmetic dental procedures have increased in popularity over the last few years. Dr. Loza can provide you with advice about tooth whitening options, crowns, overlays, sealants, straightening options, and dentures to address your specific oral health concerns.

Schedule Your Checkup Today

Dental checkups are recommended twice a year for optimal benefits in maintaining healthy teeth and preventing potential problems. Contact Leesburg Dental today to schedule a cleaning and complete oral examination with Dr. Loza.

March 2023
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