Root Canal Services

Advanced Endodontics (Root Canal) Therapy is the removal of the pulp tissue from the tooth. The pulp tissue refers to the nerve and blood vessels of the tooth. Advanced Endodontic Therapy may be necessary to save your natural tooth if the pulp tissue is irreversibly damaged by bacteria associated with decay, very deep filling, tooth fracture or trauma, or periodontal disease.

A root canal is often followed by the application of a crown to help strenghten and stabilize the tooth. We use state-of-the-art technology to aid in the manufacturing of a crown that will fit over your tooth perfectly and provide a comfortable and natural bite.

Root Canal

If you are constantly bothered because of toothaches or sensitivity in a tooth, you may be a candidate for a root canal. A root canal’s purpose is to alleviate the pain, not cause more.

What is a root canal?

There are layers to your teeth and under the enamel and dentin is the pulp. The pulp extends through the root and into the jawbone. The pulp contains blood vessels and nerves, when it gets inflamed or infected, the pain radiates into the root of the affected tooth, making it extremely sensitive and painful. A root canal uses an endodontic treatment to go inside the tooth to replace the pulp with a material that is less likely to cause infection or decay.

How long does it take to perform a root canal?

It takes about 3 office visits. During the initial consultation, the affected area is examined to see if you would be a candidate for a root canal. If you are, we will take you step by step through the procedure.

If a root canal is right for you, the next visit will be to remove the infected or inflamed pulp. Once the pulp is removed, you will be measured for a crown that will seal the area.

The final visit will be to place the crown, make sure it has a proper fit and everything is seated properly.

A Root Canal Sounds Painful, is there an alternative?

During the initial consultation, it is best to ask questions and express any fear or concern. You may be a candidate for sedation during the procedure. With sedation, you can relax and be free from anxiety so the procedure can be performed with ease. Because a root canal’s purpose is to remove infected and inflamed pulp beneath the surface of the tooth, an alternative treatment is highly unlikely.

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If you need a root canal, chances are you are already in pain. Let our experienced endodontists provide you with dental care to relieve your pain and prevent further damage and infection.

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