Why Clear Aligners Are Better Than Braces

People get braces to help with the appearance of their teeth as well as to fix issues such as a misaligned bite, which can cause more painful problems down the road if not corrected. However, for some people, wearing clear aligners is a better way to go than wearing braces. What are clear aligners, and why might they be better than braces in some cases?

Clear Aligners May Make People Feel More Confident

Braces cause a permanent change in a person’s appearance for a few months to up to three years. Many people who wear braces are in their teenage years, which is a time when people are already going through many developmental changes and may feel especially self-conscious of their appearance. Clear aligners are more discrete since, as their name suggests, they have a clearer look rather than the more noticeable metal appearance of braces. Adults who previously hesitated to seek orthodontic care may also feel more confident wearing clear aligners than braces. Dr. Loza gladly serves people of all ages who need orthodontic and other dental care.

They Are Removable

Another benefit of aligners is that, unlike braces, they are removable. This makes it easier for people to keep up with their normal brushing and flossing since they do not have to go around the apparatus to do so. Flossing, in particular, can be quite difficult to do with braces and may cause some people to give up flossing while wearing them. Failing to floss can lead to painful conditions such as gum disease, which negates the advantages of seeking orthodontic care.

While being removable is a huge benefit, there is also a downside to this aspect of aligners. Those wearing aligners need to remember to put them back on after removal, which can be difficult if the wearer feels some relief from not wearing the apparatus.

They Provide More Comfort for Some People 

It is unrealistic for people to expect a device meant to move teeth to be completely painless, regardless of how well dentists such as Dr. Loza take care of their patients. However, a benefit of clear teeth aligners is that they are smoother than braces, which helps to prevent cuts and snags in the mouth.

Have More Questions About Clear Aligners?

If you or someone you knows wants to straighten teeth without the hassle of braces, give Leesburg Dental a call or message and speak to one of our professionals about clear aligners today.

July 2023
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